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Why PIM (Product Information Management) with DESK?

The increasing number of products and services also means an increase in product data. In addition, more and more innovative (sales)channels are emerging. These developments make managing data and publishing content increasingly complex. Many organisations are not able to cope well with this increasing amount of content and channels and this frequently leads to issues. The need for a solution to cope with these increasingly complex situations becomes more and more evident. Fortunately, this solution is within reach.

DESK is a platform that enables users to both manage their data well (PIM) and create effective publications in a variety of marketing channels, using these data as input. The great thing is that you don't need to use DESK as a full package. You are free to decide which functionalities you will use. You don't need to purchase what you won't use. Whether you use DESK to manage product information and images (PIM/DAM), feed your websites (Decouples/Headless CMS), automatically create print products or manage content in any other channel, DESK can do all of it in any combination that you may want. You even have the freedom to connect additional channels to DESK or to scale down to fewer channels any time you want!



The DESK system can be used for many different purposes. You are free to decide the combination in which you like to use DESK, so DESK will always have the perfect solution for your situation.

  • Managing product information and images (Product Informationa Management (PIM)/DIgital Asset Management (DAM))
  • Managing websites using DESK as a Decoupled/Headless CMS (Content Management System)
  • Automated (and personalised) print production
  • Managing instore Salescreens (instore Kiosk)

DESK, the content marketing system that makes managing and publishing your content easy. DESK, the basis for your Content Marketing.


We at Desk content marketing understand very well that you can use support on this subject. That's why we do not just deliver DESK. We help you with the transition. Structuring your data, organising your workflow and helping you with data entry. To bring your organisation as smoothly as possible to this next level.


DESK is made in Brainport, the Netherlands.