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Online channel management

Online platforms, such as SiteCore, Magento, customized websites, etc. can easily be connected to the DESK online channels. Content can be published to these online platforms and can also be unpublished. The DESK users have a clear overview in DESK of what, when and by whom was published, even in the case of an external data source. Each channel can be provided with its own marketing structure.


DESK has the DeskĀ® Modi technology which will offer you more than just a preview. Preview is the ability to control the changes before publication (website). With the Modi technology, besides preview, changes can be managed in multiple websites simultaneously. This makes it possible for multiple teams to work on different versions of the publication (website). Each team has complete control over their own developing website. Including the changes prepared in preview.


DESK offers recording, so you can always check what and when something was published. This can be very important in case of complaints.


More functionality

  • Connection based on WebXML or WebDB technology
  • Sub channels
  • Publication overview
  • Easy publishing based on domain models