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You face many challenges as a manufacturer

Among them are:

  • Managing product data of the full assortment
  • Converting data into publishable content for all channels
  • Supporting Sales by providing the right tools
  • Relationship management after sales

A lot needs to be done to get products manufactured correctly from beginning to end. Communication and sales efforts are then needed to sell the products to customers. DESK helps in this commercial process by making managing and publishing content much easier.

At Desk content marketing we know the challenges that manufacturers can face in the communication process. We also understand that these challenges are unique for everyone.


Products vary from simple to very complex. The more a product can be customised, the more complex it gets. Fortunately, managing data for even highly complex products gets a lot easier with DESK.

You want to provide customers with good-looking content that is truly helpful. DESK makes product information ready for publishing, so you can always communicate well with customers in all channels. This way your website or catalogues always contain the right content.


Different channels require different types of content. DESK makes it easy to maintain relevant content for all channels. You can send print-ready documents, such as catalogues, brochures and product leaflets to the print supplier. Specialised catalogues or brochures for specific products or target groups can be made quickly using DESK.

Are you also communicating online? Using DESK you can easily maintain your websites or create content for mailings. If you want to go for a more personal approach, you could also create digital brochures that contains products and content that are highly relevant for a customer. DESK automates nearly the entire process, so communicating on a personal level becomes simple.


The Sales department also plays an important role in the sales process. Negotiating with customers becomes much easier when the sales representatives can quickly draft correct quotations and order books. When they can promptly make a digital brochure with content for products that have the customer’s interest they can act even more effectively. When working with retailers, dealers, or marketplaces, you also want to give them the right content to sell your products more effectively. That’s also possible with DESK.


DESK offers many possibilities, tailored to manufacturer’s needs. DESK not only makes your company more effective, but also far more efficient. Below you will find several cases.

We would love to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities to reduce your workload and to help you reach higher. We will also be delighted to show you the latest possibilities.