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Want to know more about brochure production with DESK?

General or personalised brochure produced in-house



Richly illustrated or not, with or without prices. In contrast to a catalogue, the content and layout of brochures is often decided on per page. This leads to a long production time for brochures. Can it be produces in less time and at lower costs?



With DESK you can set up a complete brochure, even if the content is yet to be entered. It can then be finished per page or section. Of course this can be done in multiple languages and the layout and offering can be adjusted for each country. Prices can be added at the last moment to not hinder the pricing process. Tailor-made brochures with a unique pricing are also possible with DESK.


Brochures deliver a different experience than websites, especially when the offering in the brochure is adjusted to fit the reader. This strongly increases the likelihood of purchase. DESK kan automate the production process of these brochures in such a way that production of target group-specific brochures is becomes possible. Whereas creating a brochure would take weeks or months in the past, this can now be done in mere days. The final product is delivered as a ready-to-print PDF file. If the print supplier is connected to DESK, then even the print and distribution order can be delivered right away, including filfilment. If desired, the purchase order can also be sent from the ERP system.

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