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Managing product information centrally is much easier

Properly managing all product- and service related information is essential for the performance of your organisation. DESK’s makes the right information available on a single central source and in a well-organised way, so it can effortlessly be managed and used in your communication.



Organisations have to deal with  more and more (product) data. Also communication and sales channels continue evolve. Customers are becoming better informed and demand more information even before making a decision. To ensure that your organisation don't get lost in all your product data and that you are able to provide the customer with the desired information, it is important that your data is in order.


Converting data into relevant content, before it can be published, requires a lot of your organisation. Different disciplines in the organisation are necessary to accomplish this. Also possible external parties. A process that must be managed. If this process is not well organised it takes too much time, resources and money.



DESK can bring together product data from various sources. These data is then stored on one central point, DESK: this is a first step, having your data structured and always available.


Subsequently, this data, based on teams and roles, can be managed and enriched locally and can be converted into relevant content. Whereby the content will consist of texts, images and other media elements. A process supported by a sophisticated workflow.

One can work with a standard team in which all roles are included. Also other workflows are possible like working with a central team that realises the basic content which is further completed by other teams. In DESK the workflow is tailored to the type of content. In other words a price tag requires a different workflow than a website text. All this relevant content can eventually, via your marketing channels, be shared with your partners and customers.


Being able to manage all data from one single source you will work more efficiently, make fewer mistakes and avoid inconsistencies.


Are you curious about the PIM possibilities DESK can offer for your organisation? Feel free to request information via the form or just call us.