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Youth and print

Kazou – the Christian Health Fund’s youth service in Belgium – organises holidays for kids and youngsters aged 7 to 18. Each region has its own offering.


Kazou’s youth holidays became trending overnight. How did that happen? Kazou distributes nearly 300.000 folders with personalised content. The personalisation is done thoroughly: youngsters that booked a trip at Kazou last year will see photo’s of that trip on the cover of their personal folder, for example. Discover the secrets of efficient personalisation: how does this work? And why would you send a personalized folder to the youth?


Seppe van Pottelbergh is responsible for Kazou’s marketingcommunications strategy. He is also an active social media user, frequently addressing societally relevant topics. He provides us with some insights in the choices that Kazou made in personalizing print and the challenges that come along with it.


“The campaign was segmented based on the number of children per family, age (with different photo’s and colours per age category), first name and horoscope. An original approach that yielded results: three quarters of the youth holidays was booked within a single week. And we also generated quite some buzz on Facebook and Twitter. ‘Personalized for each family? Great! I feel a personal connection’, ‘Kazou has been very original once again. A personalized folder. Love it!’, and ‘#kazou is skilled in personalized #print advertising!’ were some of the comments we heard” – Seppe van Pottelbergh, Communications Staff Kazou.