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Seminar 'Hoera voor de folder!' 2017

Practioners from the Netherlands and abroad shared insights in how they use folders and how to maximize results. Belgium’s largest retailer increased their revenue by no less than 6% through smart use of folders. DESK can help you to achieve the same. Read about how our PIM and publishing software gets you to the next level.


Print is alive and kicking

In this digital age, many organisations shifted their focus to online marketing and social media. Of course digital communications offers many exciting new possibilities. However, the decades-old prediction that print would completely vanish due to that is not coming true any time soon: print is still alive and kicking!


The consumer

The seminar ‘Hoera voor de folder’ shows that folders are still irreplaceable for many companies. After all, consumers still eagerly use weekly and monthly folders. A quick overview of facts: 75% of consumers actively reads at least one folder each week, 39% uses folders to make purchase decisions and 46% frequently buys a product after seeing it in a folder. Offers, cost reduction, and relaxation are mentioned as the main reasons to read folders (NOM, 2016). The consumer still wants his periodical folders.


Colruyt Case

Obviously, no two folders are the same and different folders yield different results. So it’s wise to learn from each other. And who better to learn from than a professional who uses folders quite successfully? Colruyt is Belgium’s largest supermarket chain and, like many other retailers, they use – you’ve guessed it -  folders! In 2016 they have drastically changed their folder layout and design. Quite effectively, it seems: year-on-year revenue has increased with 6% after it has remain nearly unchanged for several years.


The standard 32-page folder has been replaced by a folder with only 4 pages. Out of the total promotional assortment, the customer only gets a selection of the 30 most relevant products. Based on customer data, including purchasing behaviour and personal characteristics such as age, the most interesting products for the customer are selected. That doesn’t have to be complicated: by dividing customers in segments, the first big step is taken. By gathering more data on the customer’s purchasing habits over time, the offering can be fine-tuned even slightly better each time. This makes it more interesting for the customer to read the folder each time, leads to large savings in paper, and of course leads to a higher revenue! Because the process is automated, making these personalized folders even costs less time and labour!


Available to anyone

The advantages of personalized promotional folders are not only restricted to large enterprises such as Colruyt. With DESK, this technology is within reach for anyone. DESK structures all product data and fully automatically creates folders. By connected DESK to a CRM-system, the offerings can be customized for each customer fully automatically as well. You can then benefit from better customer relations, cost reductions and higher revenues yourself!


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