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The challenges that a supplier of industrial machinery faces can be tough

Among those challenges are:

  • Managing product information of all machines
  • Turning product data into publishable content
  • Communicating with customers through print and digital media
  • Offering customised products
  • Staying top-of-mind for customers

Just to name a few. Complex products come with complex product data. These data need to be managed well. Subsequently, you also want to provide your customers with good content.


We can help you with that. Thanks to our experience as a partner of industrial machinery suppliers, we know what these challenges are like. We also know that these challenges are unique for everyone.

Industrial machinery clearly is on a different level than the products that an average retailer sells. The complexity of the products with different parts and varying editions make for far more complex product data. DESK makes managing these data much easier. DESK can use these data to create useful content for you customers.


DESK allows you to easily content for different channels, both digital and print. By automating nearly every step in the process, all channels always have the most recent content at their disposal. This way you can create a complete (price) catalogue in just one day, and directly send it to the print service provider as a print-ready document. DESK can also send content to the websites. By just pressing a button you can change the website, so it immediately is up-to-date again.


Product leaflets and brochures for different product lines or target groups can easily be created with DESK. By automating the process to a great extent, you can even make personalised printing materials with only the content that is relevant for a specific customer.

Digital channels can also be managed using DESK. This goes beyond a simple website. Think for example of a product configurator where a customer can edit a product within set boundaries. Or create interactive digital brochures with rich content.


DESK offers many possibilities, tailored to machinery suppliersā€™ needs. DESK not only makes your company more effective, but also far more efficient. Below you will find a relevant case.

We would love to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities to reduce your workload and to help you reach higher. We will also be delighted to show you the latest possibilities.