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Handling 48 websites with one system!

Sundio's explosive growth brought several great challenges for the company, including building its brands and, correspondingly, managing all product data and websites. Implementing DESK allowed Sundio to grow to the current 48 Sitecore websites in 8 different languages. There are managed effortlessly and the product information is always up to date. DESK's efficient workflow sharply reduces the required time and money. DESK allows Sundio to keep on growing and to add more websites or other channels to its portfolio.



What started out as a small tour operator in the '90's has grown to be one of Europe's leading tour operators with 14 brands - including Sunweb - and 48 websites in 8 different languages. This explosive growth made Sundio face several challenges, because managing all these websites in no simple task.


"We saw no good in connecting all those different systems. Instead, we wanted a single system that included all data, including media files, on a single place. Requirements for the system were the possibility to connect it to our contracts system (Tiss) and the ability of the system to grow along with us in becoming an international player with many brands."



DESK turned out to be the ideal solution for Sundio. The DESK system is not limited to standard products with an article number, but can also handle more complex and composed products, such as travels. That makes DESK particularly suited for application in the travel industry. DESK's efficient workflow let's Sundio control all websites in all languages from a single, centrally located system. DESK facilitates cooperation between countries and preserves each brand's unique branding elements. By using DESK, Sundio Group has strongly increased its international power and is working more efficiently than ever.