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Print service providers are facing new challenges

These include:

  • Minimising manual labour to get documents ready for printing
  • Helping customers to digitally supply documents
  • Total fulfilment of orders

Manually constructing print products is coming to an end. At least, if customers can make the transition to fully digitally supplying print orders. DESK knows what challenges print service providers are facing nowadays and helps with problem solving solutions.

To work efficiently, digitally receiving print-ready documents is preferred. That’s why DESK is used by print service providers to digitally connect their customers. These customers then become able to easily manage their written and visual content, drafting print publications, and sending these publications to the print service provider. This drastically reduces the time-to-market for the customers print products, but also enables them to personalise these printed materials.

The print service provider also receives a digital order entry that describes the task that needs to be done. The print provider then know exactly what to do and can ensure total fulfilment, even when additional items need to be sent along with the printed materials.


How does this work in practice? Here are two examples. Staples has been connected to the network of DDP Print. Staples sends the order to DDP using DESK and the order is processed and printed fully automatically. This way Staples always has their desired business cards, rapidly, efficiently, and without any manual labour!

ANWB Reizen – a dutch travel company – also uses DESK. To get customers more attached to the brand and to be a true travel partner, ANWB gives customers a personalised booklet with all sorts of relevant information, tips, and entertainment. ANWB creates this booklet in DESK and then sends it to their print service provider Kampert Nauta. The print provider automatically receives an order entry and the print-ready materials. Depending on the type of travelling party, some additional items are sent along with the printed materials, such as a baseball cap for the kids. This is all done almost entirely automatically. This way the traveling party quickly gets everything they need and ANWB and Kampert Nauta cooperate like true partners.


DESK thus also offer innovative possibilities for print service providers. Below you will find the cases of Staples and ANWB.

We would love to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities to reduce your workload and to help you reach higher. We will also be delighted to show you the latest possibilities.