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Print and website managed with DESK

The efficiency of De Jong Intra Vakanties' brochure production has greatly increased after the implementation of the DESK-system, which has been connected to the existing IT infrastructure. They now even have the possibility to automatically create personal brochures and personal travel documents. The website is also provided with content through DESK.



Brochures and the websites are De Jong Intra Vakanties' (DJIV) primary means of communication. Creating these brochures and maintaining the website, however, was not done efficiently and therefore cost more time than it should. The system that DJIV used did not operate smoothly and the accompanying image bank, that was based on the same system, did not meet DJIV's needs. To work more efficiently and to expand the communicative possibilities of the company, a better system was required. Integration with the Sitecore CMS system was a key requirement in DJIV's decision on a new system.



Only one system met all requirements without exceeding the budget: DESK. The DESK system was connected to Sitecore and product data were linked to the corresponding image files. DESK's quick and easy workflow made the process of creating brochures much more efficient. In addition, implementing DESK also had other benefits, explains Bas Oomen, Financial Director at DJIV: "With DESK we have a system that strongly reduces production time of our publications and improves the management of our image files. DESK also gave us more opportunities for inhouse design of our brochures and we can also make other publications with great ease. This opens up possibilities to make the brochures more personalised, which allows us to serve our customers even better." Efficiency, reduced costs and new marketing opportunities; those are the biggest advantages that DJIV experiences after implementing DESK.