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Manage media (DAM)

DESK has an integrated Media Bank. Images, PDF, powerpoint files, videos, etc. can be stored in a media structure. In addition, media elements which belong to an item, such as a product or service, can (even) be stored at the item. This makes finding and using the right media element simple.


Product Asset Management

Media files that have a relation with a product should be stored at the product, we think. This makes it much more easier to find the right media asset. We call this Product Asset Management.


Use of media

With our Desk® AssetProvider technology, images are always available in real-time and in any format for connected processes and systems. This makes managing images easier and simpler. You no longer have to deal with many versions of images in different formats. The Desk® AssetProvider includes functions such as crop and fill, but also the POI (Point of Interest) technology to create a perfect crop.


Media distribution

From the Media Bank, selected media can easily be distributed in any format, also to external parties. This lets you stay in control and you know where and which material was supplied.


Edit media

External parties, such as a studio, can also be included in the DESK workflow for processing the media content. This will keep you in control and you know exactly what job you have set out.


More functionality

  • Duplicate image protection
  • GPS
  • Tooltip
  • Tagging
  • Overview of media use in content
  • Classification
  • Language dependent indication