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Catalogue production time reduced to less than one week!

By switching to DESK, Stabu has reduced the production time of its catalogues from several months to a single day! In addition, the website is now also managed effortlessly through DESK and Staby can publish small folders and target group specific catalogues in a matter of clicks.



To keep its customers updated regarding the assortment, Stabu has always distributed catalogues periodically. "Catalogues are still an important sales tool for us, but the time, labour and money it took to produce the catalogue was simply unacceptable." Providing the webshop with the right data also took a lot of time. That's why Stabu went looking for a system that could help speeding up catalogue production and provide the webshop with data. A system that could be connected to the Exact system, the source for all products and related data, would be prefered by Stabu.



Desk was chosen as the most suitable system and even surpassed Stabu's expectations. DESK was connected to the Exact system, so the product data could be loaded directly from te source. Doing so made the publication process much less labour intensive and far less prone to errors. Implementing DESK even made it possible to create a catalogue within a single day, compared to the several months that it used to take. Making sub-catalogues for specific target groups and segments is a new possibility for Stabu and barely requires extra effort. The process has been automated to the extent that Stabu no longer has Desktop Publishing costs for catalogue production. Maintaining the webshop has also become a lot easier. This webshop now always is loaded with the most recent information and therefore it is always up to date. Using DESK lets Stabu sharply cut its expenses in terms of time and money and the company is better equipped to perform effectively in the market.