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Website, catalogue and leaflets

DESK replaced several systems that Nijha used to provide information for catalogues, offers and the webshop. Print products can now be published quickly, as a large number of processes has been automated. DESK allows Nijha to work more customer-centric.


Multiple systems

Nijha has always had the ambition to be progressive and ahead of their branche. Unfortunately, the ineffective communication and publication processes sometimes restricted Nijha in pursuing these ambitions. Multiple separate systems were used to supply catalogues, offers and the webshop with the right information. This way of working was inefficient, which made it very costly in terms of time and money to properly maintain the print and online channels. Hence, Nijha was determined to reduce the number of systems and to simplify and streamline the Content Marketing process.


Efficient and effective

When Nijha was introduces to DESK, it quickly became clear that this would be the ideal system for them. DESK's Service Bus allowed Nijha to connect the already present Vantage ERP-system to DESK by themselves. The website was also linked to DESK. This way, all channels are always provided with the most recent information, which saves Nijha lots of time and effort. Nijha now developes their own templates that are automatically applied in their communications, eliminating their dependence on third parties. Nijha can now publish effective, personalized content in all channels. Our experts helped in identifying bottlenecks in Nijha's infrastructure and assisted in optimizing the publication processes.