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As a retailer you face many different challenges


  • Managing data for thousands of products
  • Sharing the full assortment via websites or catalogues
  • Customer-centred communication with a customised offering
  • Supporting the store locations
  • Engaging customers through after-sales

These are just some of the challenges you may face. By addressing these issues in a smart way, you can outperform the competition. It may seem easier said than done, but with DESK it becomes a realistic ambition.`


Thanks to our many years of experience in retailing, we know the challenges that many retailers struggle with. We understand that these challenges are unique for everyone and that the products that you sell can range from simple to very complex.

Products are often available in many different versions, differing in size, colours, materials, etc. Combined and compound products can make it even more difficult to manage. Our DESK system was developed to make even the most complex products and structures easily manageable and to get them ready for publication.


By just pressing a button, the products can be published as good-looking and useful content on websites or in brochures, for example. When the assortment is being changed or a product is temporarily unavailable, you can change the content just as easily.

For different channels, such as email, folders and digital brochures, you don’t want to use another system each time. DESK offers possibilities to publish content in all these channels. It’s very easy to send print-ready documents to the printing office. The contents of these print products usually differs from content on websites or other channels. DESK helps you to easily manage the content for each channel.

Even personal communication is within reach for every retailer when using DESK. DESK automates nearly the entire process, allow you to get personalized content on the customer’s doormat or mailbox in practically no-time. Imaging the customer’s reaction when seeing just the content that perfectly suits his interests! And moreover: it also works wonders for conversion!


Persuading the customer to visit your store is the first step, but you also want him to go home with the product that fits his needs. Display cards and product leaflets with useful information help. Do you want to really be of added value to the customer? Then an interactive sales screen is what you’re looking for. The store visitor can find all relevant content about your products on the interactive screen, and even directly purchase items. Payment can occur at the regular cash registers or via a bank card terminal. The customer gets the products delivered at home the very next day. Looking for even further-reaching engagement? Try sending a message or an email to thank the customer and provide some additional tips for optimal product usage.


DESK offers plenty valuable possibilities, tailored to retailing. DESK not only makes your company more effective, but also far more efficient. Below you will find a case for the Dutch retailer Kijkshop.

We would love to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities to reduce your workload and to help you reach higher. We will also be delighted to show you the latest possibilities.