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As a travel company you face many challenges

Challenges such as:

  • Creating and managing thousands of travel products
  • Maintaining a user-friendly website containing all products
  • Drafting brochures for travel advisors and customers
  • Providing clients with correct travel documents
  • Creating advertising materials, such as ads and posters

To name just a few.

After all that, you hope the customer will remember who made that great holiday possible so they come back to you the next time.


We can help you. Thanks to our experience with travel businesses, we know what challenges you can face. We also understand that these challenges are unique to everyone, and that travel products are very complex.

Our DESK system enables you to easily manage these complex travel products. DESK enhances cooperation within your organisation and make product information ready for publishing.

Whenever has been made ready for publishing, the travel products can be put online by just pressing a button. Is a travel fully booked? Changing it or removing it from the website is just as simple.


If you’re also distributing travel brochures, you don’t want yet another system for that. That’s why DESK also allows you to effortlessly make brochures and other printed materials fully in-house. The contents of such a brochure usually differs from product descriptions on the website. We understand this thanks to our experience in print and that’s why we integrated functionalities in DESK that makes creating print-ready brochures a piece of cake. Specialised catalogues, e.g. for specific countries or target groups, can also be made in just minutes.

Travel documents are usually drafted by the reservation system. However, this type of travel documents is mainly formal and too plain to create positive and lasting memories of your brand. To really be worth remembering, it should be more like a booklet with a fascinating description of the customer’s holiday, a colouring picture for the kids, etc. It should already evoke the experience that lies ahead before you went on a holiday and it should be a booklet full of memories after. But such individual documents would be very labour-intensive to make.


Not with DESK. The DESK system makes it possible to fully automatically draft print products as print-ready documents and can quickly make customised, personal travel documents.

DESK also enables you to make personalised brochures. Conversion rates go way up when the customer gets an offering that is tailored to their desires. How would they react when they find a customised travel brochure on the doormat on Saturday morning?


DESK offers many possibilities, tailored to the travel industry. Below you will find several cases.

We would love to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities to reduce your workload and to help you reach higher. We will also be delighted to show you the latest possibilities.