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One system for our websites, leaflets and display cards

By connecting DESK to the ERP system and Icecat, Kijkshop's product information is now being used much more efficiently. This results in cost reduction and at the same time it ensured that all channels are always up to date. Production time of the weekly promotion folders has also been strongly reduced.


Complex process

Dutch non-food retailer Kijkshop uses weekly folders, instore materials and websites, among others, to communicate with their customers. The data supply for these channels used multiple systems and external Desktop Publishers were required to make the print materials ready for publishing. Kijkshop's product data was stored on an external server and the several systems that were used failed to cooperate. This created a complex process, which led to high time-to-market and high costs. To create a stronger omnichannel concept, Kijkshop wanted to use one single system that could be connected to the SAP ERP-system, Icecat and the websites. They also desired to publish their print materials from the same system.



When Kijkshop became familiar with DESK, they soon realized that this system offered everything that they needed. DESK was connected to the source systems, websites and cash registers to immediately make the most recent product information available in all channels. Together with DESK's smart workflow, Kijkshop could soon work far more efficiently in creating and publishing the right content. The printing office was also connected to DESK to reduce production time of the print materials from several weeks to days. All retail stores can now also print their own instore materials, such as display window labels, so they can work with maximum flexibility.