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Want to know more about automatic catalogue production with DESK?

Manual or automatic production?



A catalogue is still an important sales tool for many organisations, but drafting it may take long and can be very costly. It takes a lot of time to find all the right products, including corresponding information and images, and get everything on the right place in the catalogue.



DESK allows you to produce print products more effectively and in just a fraction of the time for far lower costs. How does that work?

The DESK system kan be connected to several source systems, including Icecat and ERP systems. These systems supply DESK with (base) data. These data kan then be enriched, created, and managed with DESK. They can even be used right away by DESK in a variety of publications, such as catalogues. By centrally managing these data and automating the printing process, print products can be drafted, printed and sent is a matter of days. In addition to strongly reducing costs, this also increases flexibility. If something changes in the assortment, this can easily be changed in DESK up until the very last minute. The speed also facilitates making multiple versions that are all focused on a different target group. This way, using DESK for making print products yields more revenue and lower costs!


By largely automating the process, DESK can reduce production time from several weeks or months to just a few days! This saves a lot of money and offers more flexibility. All DESK needs for this is an Indesign template. The desired text and visual elements are then automatically converted by DESK into a stylized page, chapter or even an entire catalogue.


Would you like to produce personal catalogues? That, too, can be done with DESK. Linking DESK to a CRM-system or even an Excel-sheet enables you to do so. DESK fully automatically drafts a catalogue with personal content and specially selected products. This way you can quickly and effortlessly make personalised catalogues for multiple customers or target groups.

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