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Want to know more about DESK DAM?

Digital Asset Management, no more Q-disk



The content you share consists of text and also f.e. images.  Usually stored on a “Q-disk” within a Windows folder. Using this is tricky and often it is decided to get an image from elsewhere because it cannot be found quickly enough. Besides cost this makes the process not more transparent.


Image retouch is a process that needs communication. What changes are needed, on which images, when will these images be ready for checking and releasing. The exchange of media material is often a very cumbersome process. Mostly handling this process will take al lot of time.



DESK makes managing your media (image, video, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. ) simple. You always have the right media on hand to work effectively. All media are stored centrally in DESK. In a media structure and / or at the items themselves. With the search and filter functions the right image, video or file can be found in no time. This makes it very easy to create strong content with informative text that is supported by valuable media content.


The MediaBank of DESK features a built-in function to share media easily.  Also with external parties which have no access to DESK. You decide what you share and the history feature function lets you exactly know what, when and with whom you have shared.


Often the media content has to be edited by an external studio. Because this studio is connected to the DESK workflow also, you as DESK user stays always in-control of the process.


DESK has a function to deliver in the online channel an image real time in any format or size. With the POI function it is even possible to define the focus point of the image while cropping. This function eliminates the need to pre-create all the images in all formats  for websites.