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Work the DESK Way

DESK software forms the consolidating hub for product and other information. It enables organizations to always relate consistent and correct marketing information to your products and services - making them easily available for all your attracting and converting channels.

A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution controls the product engineering, purchasing and development processes. DESK enables storytelling of these products to make them desirable and sellable. It is a perfect combination.


Receive and enrich

In DESK you can enter, manage and enrich content. You can connect DESK easily to data sources, such as ERP systems for receiving basic product information. DESK also can be connected to  your vendor systems or source systems such as Icecat and GS1. Content is then automatically enriched by DESK with data from these sources. Also CRM systems can be connected to DESK for obtaining personal content used in personal publicatons. This content processing process is supported by a sophisticated workflow.



With the easy and effective workflow of DESK it becomes very easy to  prepare the data and turn it into interesting content for your target groups. In different languages with an assortment per country if required.



Send the content to your B2B partners, so  you can work together even better. Or update external sources like Icecat and keep data for retailers around the world up to date.



Use the content to produce catalogs, brochures and other print products. DESK delivers automatically a complete print ready format. Publish your own digital magazine with interactive content or publish even personalized magazines. Provide your website(s), social media or online markets with effective content. Help shop visitors with interactive (purchase) displays where they can request information, search products, view movies or even place orders. DESK can publish content to all these devices and channels and also offers the freedom to determine the content for each channel/device  to be published.


Want to know more about DESK?

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