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Personalised print for Staples' custmers!

Implementing DESK has enabled Staples to let its clients order personalised print products. Customers can create their own print products online, using an integrated version of DESK. This way, Staples can offer the convenience that it promises to its customers.


A new service

Staples, the worlds largest office supply provider, aim to make ordering office supplies as easy and convenient as possible. To serve their customers as good as possible, Staples wanted to start delivering personalized print materials, such as stationery and business cards. However, the old IT-structure was not suitable for this purpose. "Customers want us to deliver a one-stop-shop solution. Our logistical system offered no possibilities to deliver personalized print materials, but we still wanted to deliver these products." Therefore, Staples went looking for a system that did offer these possibilities. To make the process as easy as possible for their customers, the system had to be connected to the SAP ERP system and the ExpressOrder system.



DESK turned out to be very suitable for helping Staples offer the new personalized print products. By integrating DESK in the ExpressOrder system, customers can now create and order their very own personalized print products without interference of other parties. The customer can choose the desired product and personalize it to fit their needs. The order is then continued in a similar way as regular orders. This way, consumers from all over the world can experience the convenience offered by DESK.