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Automated catalogue production with DESK

Schäfer GmbH, experts in construction and industrial machinery, have chosen to automate the production of catalogues using DESK. The price-performance ratio and unique abilities were critical in Schäfer's decision to choose DESK. Other channels will also switch to DESK in the future.


Manually created catalogues

Similarly to many other companies, Schäfer GmbH also made their marketing communication products manually. This led to long production times for catalogues and other products. The costs of making these catalogues and the opportunity costs due to missed market opportunities could become substantial. Schäfer GmbH therefore decided it was time for a new system: one that could be used to easily manage product data and that could also effortlessly create catalogues


The perfect solution

Schäfer GmbH's Issue perfectly fitted the profile of DESK. After several consultations with Desk content marketing's experts, DESK was quickly installed. While doing so, the wants and needs of the customer were obviously taken into account. They were planning to manage other channels in addition to the catalogues with DESK in the future. One of these channels will be an online product configurator, that clients can use to customize Schäfer GmbH's products to perfectly meet their requirements. Whenever Schäfer GmbH is ready to take the next step, DESK will simply grow along with them.