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Personalised catalogues and order forms with DESK

Ever since Ahrend started using the DESK system, they have been able to quickly produce catalogues and order forms. These products can also be tailored to suit specific customers, which increases the odds in tenders and offers. Using DESK sharply reduces the labour required to produce the print products and production costs have also been lowered substantially.



Price lists and order books are major instruments for Ahrend in the sales process. Creating these products, however, was a very time-consuming practice and involved high costs. Ahrend did not have the capacity to create the products inhouse, so this task was always outsourced. Ahrend also didn't have the ability to personalise the order books and price lists to better suit specific customers. Being able to do so could improve the odds of winning tenders. Evidently, the process of creating effective price lists and order books was far from perfect. This caused Ahrend to search for a new system that could help them improve this process and consequently would increase the company's commercial strength. "By increasing the ease of ordering for the customer, we wish to generate more sales. Additionally, the process needed to become less labour intensive and we wanted to reduce production costs."



DESK turned out to be the ideal solution for Ahrend. The ERP system did not offer any possibilities to be connected to a PIM system, so it was prompted to use already existing Excel files as input for both systems. Ahrend now only needs to update the simple Excel files and the changes are then fully automatically applied in DESK and the ERP system. This saves Ahrend loads of time and money. Ahrend now also has all desired possibilities at its disposal, such as the quick and easy creation of customer-specific offer books. The entire process can now be kept within the organisation and it is largely automated, which allows Ahrend to react much faster to market requests. DESK has strengthened Ahrend's commercial abilities and strongly reduced labour and costs at the same time.