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DESK PIM system is a productivity tool that makes your teams more efficient and focused on data quality. It centralizes product information and streamlines workflows.

DESK is an intuitive and easy to use platform that simplifies product information management. DESK helps to centralize and harmonize product information and other content. Increasing productivity and efficiency. Making content marketing simple.


Expand your product assortment

With DESK it becomes much easier to onboard new products. It can be even fully automatically. Also with DESK you have to spend less time managing your current products because this process is supported with an efficient workflow. So, DESK makes it possible to do more in less time.


Decrease time-to-market

Get your products much faster out there in the market. Selling through multiple channels, online and in print.


Be able to build a product experience per target group across different channels

Having the possibility to make different product description to be able to address your different target groups and still centralizing your data. Eliminating inconsistency or incomplete content.


Work local and go global

Work in your company language and translate easily based on localization workflows. With internal or third-party translators as member of the DESK localization workflows. Organizing speeds up your localization efforts.


Sell more with less returns

With a better product description, addressing in the right way your different target groups, means more purchases with less returns. So, increasing the conversion rate.