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Brainport the Netherlands. Desk content marketing,  the first Dutch software company which has developed a Content Marketing platform that does more than PIM, announces that ScreenSupply, supplier of unique retail self-service point of sale solutions, has chosen for DESK.

ScreenSupply has provided her ShelfDesk prouct line with DESK as content platform. By using Desk ScreenSupply can give every retailer maximum freedom in managing the self-service touchpoints in all her shops, just from one central system.

ScreenSupply has chosen for DESK because of her unique possibilities to control and manage each touchpoint. By showing the retailer the right content always and everywhere, the touch points are used even more effectively.

Jan Lommers, ScreenSupply

With Desk we have the possibility to shape our concept even further. From one central point each touch point can be provided with content adapted to the local shoppers. This can even be adjusted every day, based on the results.

About ScreenSupply

ScreenSupply is a company in the retail world of point of sales services. We work for retailers with national and international ambitions. We also work for organizations that are aspiring to grow using our ShelfDesk shop hardware and software. We take care of their strategy,  shop development, online design and UX strategy.

About Desk

With the Desk content marketing platform the whole content marketing process remains under one roof, from creating and managing information and media till the simple and independent publication of a broad scale of end products. So you remain in full control in creating and publishing of amongst other things the website, catalogs, in- store material, leaflets and brochures. Even fulfilment can be realized by using DESK. With DESK you can reach the desired target group, always with the relevant content.

DESK is a unique product that dramatically simplifies content management for users. Communication can be tailored to each target group, no matter how broad or specific.

Besides the standard functionalities of a PIM, Desk offers unique advantages. This way customer communications as well as company processes become highly improved. That is why DESK is more than a PIM.

Desk will gladly help you. No sales office and the development somewhere abroad, but direct personal contact with our own software developers here in the Netherlands. So Desk continues to evolve to assist you even better and to keep you and Desk future proof.

Contact Desk content marketing  You are looking for a communications foundation. We are glad to help you with this.