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Instore Salescreens and Magento webshop with DESK

Intersteel shows that Content Marketing reaches far beyond print and websites. Our partner ScreenSupply installed multiple Salescreens at locations of several retailers. These screens enhanced customer ratings and sales results. The Magento Webshop is also managed through DESK. DESK is connected to existing systems and has been able to automate a substantial part of the Content Marketing process.



Content Marketing contains much more than just distributing print products and maintaining websites. Intersteel showed this with its new Salescreens. Intersteel created a new customer experience by placing Salescreens from our partner Screensupply in outlets of several DIY stores. These Salescreens, which are provided with content by DESK, were an entirely new marketing channel for Intersteel. The sales results show that customers also values this development. "Customers respond positively to the Salescreens that we manage using DESK. They appreciate the fact that they can browse our entire assortment and find the information that they need. Customer ratings and sales results have visibly improved and the retailer also benefits from that."



The instore screens are not the only channel that Intersteel uses DESK for. The website (Magento Webshop) is also connected to the DESK system. This website now also includes an online dealershop, which previously was not possible for Intersteel. Print products, such as catalogues will also be created with DESK in the future. Implementing DESK has proven to be a big step forward for Intersteel. The company used to work with multiple systems that failed to cooperate and publications required a lot of manual labour. DESK is integrated in the technical infrastructure and is connected to other systems, including Unit4. The Content Marketing process has largely been automated and Intersteel is ready for the future once again. If Intersteel aims to grow further, DESK simply grows along with them.