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Website, travel documents and brochures

After separation from its parent company Kuoni, Tenzing Travel chose DESK as its new Content Marketing system. DESK provides content for the website and travel documents. Production of the brochures will also be automated with DESK in the future.


A new adventure

Tenzing Travel has succesfully executed its operations under its parent company Kuoni for a long time. Nevertheless the decision was made to let Tenzing Travel continue as an independent organisation. That gave Tenzing Travel more freedom, but also new challenges. One of those challenges is managing all content. It was decided that a new system would be used to provide content for the marketing channels, including the website and travel documents.


Ideal for the travel industry

Desk content marketing already had a lot of experience with the travel industry, but paramount for the decision was DESK's demo. Tenzing Travel's Business Unit Manager Chris Freitag soon realised that DESK possessed everything that they were looking for. All data, including tens of thousands of HD images and other files, could be managed from a single point. The same system allows them to provide the website with the right content and also publish travel documents. DESK really turned out to be the versatile and user-friendly system that Tenzing Travel needed.