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You want a challenging thesis ?

Desk Content Marketing is a young and informal organization that is part of the MultimediaBrains Group. The product DESK is created by this organization.

DESK is a content marketing platform that enables employees of organizations, after a short instruction, to simply and in control create, maintain and publish in every channel the most valuable property: information.

DESK is used in small, but also large organizations such as Sundio Group (Sunweb), Ahrend, ANWB Reizen and Staples.

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Desk wants to enter the market in England and Scandinavia. You can help them with that!

How would you market DESK? Prepare, with a lot of freedom, a marketing plan. What is the market like over there at the moment? Who is the competition? And how can we let people understand DESK the best? It is therefore, amongst other things, your task to create good tutorial videos in which is clearly explained how DESK works.


Other basic marketing tasks will be:

- Translating information of DESK. Everything has to be in translated to English, for the market in England and Scandinavia. Good skills in writing and speaking English are therefore an advantage.

- Creating of brochures

- Creating of business cards and a mail account.



Everything needs to be done in English.

We are always open for own initiatives. DESK finds it more often difficult to clearly explain what the advantages are of DESK. Maybe you can produce a video, which can be shown to clients? Animation or acted, let your fantasies go wild!

For graduates this immediately suits as a thesis. We of course shall guide and help you with this.



- You study a marketing/media related study

- You are skilled in both English and Dutch

- You have an affinity for software and marketing

- You like challenges and freedom

- You have experience and/or affinity with/for media production


Placement fee

400 euros a month. (HBO)